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Neighborhood News
OCTOBER 26, 2018:
A letter from the Entrance Committee along with some questions
and answers have been posted in the "documents" section.
 Pictures referred to in the letter have also been posted.  
We have one more meeting (on Nov 1st) to discuss the plans before our vote on November 14th.  
August 14, 2017:   
An update on the Mosquito issue:
Mark Collier spent some time with Randy Bright, Colleyille's environment compliance officer on Friday afternoon.
1.  Full landscaping and consistent watering will always attract a certain level of mosquitos
2.  Most mosquitos can travel up to 2 miles
3.  Several areas in the neighborhood have a constant presence of water.
     However, mosquitos have a hard time breeding in these areas if there is a constant flow of water.  
       a.  These areas were treated with granules as a precaution
       b.  The board will work to remedy the drainage problem
4.  The city placed mosquito traps in the neighborhood last week.  
     None of the mosquitos tested positive for West Nile.
     They did have a mosquito trap come back positive on Hall Johnson.
5.  Randy would like to visit the backyards of the houses below the lower lake as the brush and landscaping in       the low lying areas are prime breeding ground for mosquitos.
6.  Randy Bright's office number is 817-503-1092 if anyone needs to contact him.  
7.  The HOA presented a gift basket and popcorn to Randy and the city officials for their quick response to our issue.
February 11, 2017:  
The minutes from the November and January Board Meetings are now posted.
OCTOBER 22, 2016:  New Board members have
been posted on the website per the annual
meeting vote.  Committee members will be
updated once that information is provided
by the new board.  
OCTOBER 17, 2016:  Annual Board Meeting 
MAY 21, 2016: For letter from Shawn in response to letter from resident, please see both complete letters under the "NEWS" heading on this website.
MAY 7, 2016:  For information regarding the questions about the Town Hall Meetings, please see the "NEWS" section on this website.
For information regarding the Neighborhood Projects discussed at the April 28th Board meeting, please see the "NEWS"  section on this website. 
December 3, 2015:  The agenda for the December board meeting is posted in the "Documents" section of the website.  
October 28, 2015: Thornbury now has a facebook page.  Click on the "Facebook icon" at the top of this page in order to view and join.
October 28, 2015:  The New Amended Thornbury By-laws are now posted in the documents section of our website. 
September 28, 2015:  All residents are invited to a Thornbury Block Party Friday, Oct 2, 2015 @ 6:30 PM.  For more details see the "News" section on the website.  
September 1, 2015:  August 10, 2015 HOA Board Meeting Minutes are now posted.
AUGUST 13, 2015:  June 4, 2015 HOA Board Meeting Minutes are now posted
AUGUST 12, 2015:  For an update on the Crepe Myrtles please see the "NEWS" section
JUNE 29, 2015:  Previous years "Neighborhood News" information has been archived.  If you are interested in reading anything posted prior to 2015, please go to the "Documents" section of our website and read the document titled, "Neighborhood News Archive 2010 thru 2013."   
June 27, 2015:  April 30,2015 Board Meeting Minutes have been posted
June 25, 2015:  For information regarding the front entrance landscaping, please see the "NEWS" section on this website. 
May 11, 2015:  March 25th HOA Board minutes are posted
May 10, 2015:  The Thornbury Website is currently being updated.  Please be patient while this is being done.  It is still active, but you may see some pictures, etc. that you are not used to seeing.  Thank you for your patience. 
January 8, 2015:  The HOA Annual Minutes have been posted.
November 1, 2014:  New board members have been posted.
October 21, 2014:  The HOA ANNUAL MEETING was held last night.  New officers were elected along with good discussions.  The minutes, new board members and financials will be posted on the website shortly.
Thanks go out to all of those in attendance.
October 20, 2014:  HOA ANNUAL MEETING AT 7PM....New officers will be elected
July 7, 2014:  The HOA Directory has been updated with information I have recieved.  It is now available under the "Documents" section on our website.  If you have anything to add or change, please let me know.  I will update again in September.   You can contact me at TriciaSch@aol.com   Thank you.
May 13, 2014:  Please be aware of the ongoing water restrictions for Colleyville, Tx.  For more information on this see the folowing link.   http://www.colleyville.com/waterconservationprogram.html
February 22, 2014:   The 2014 HOA Directory has been updated and loaded onto the website.  It can be printed if desired.  If you see any errors, please email Tricia for corrections.  
See more information under the "News" tab.  

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